Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Field Trip to the Lo'i

On Thursday, April 12th, our class went on a field trip to a lo'i in the Kaneohe ahupua'a.  The bus drive was extremely long and loud! When we got to the lo'i, most students were anxious to get into the mud! But, first we did an activity where we collected rocks and sticks to clear out an area so that the people that are in charge of the lo'i could continue making the ahupua'a better by planting a garden.  Another activity we did was stomp in the mud to make the mud softer for the taro that would be planted in it.  There were cray fish swimming around and nibbling on our feet!  There was an auwai (stream) that we got to wash off in.  It was freezing cold, but worth it!

We learned that they are trying to bring back the ahupua'a as it looked like in 1920.  We changed our clothes and took a seat on the bus.  We had lots of fun and hope we can go back and help.

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