Thursday, January 3, 2013

Our first day back - photos

We got right to work, setting goals and choosing new books for the new year.

 Our new table names

 Essential agreements are vital for a happy classroom.

First day of 3rd Quarter!

Yay! It's finally 3rd quarter. Time flies so fast. Soon it's going to be 4th quarter and then the end of the year. So far all of this time we've been in 4th grade as kids, but we know we will leave as knowledgeable kids. 3rd quarter will be much harder because it's almost the ending of the school year and teachers want students to be prepared.

Written by Codey Y.

For our first day back from break, we focused on organizing our classroom. We went over the January calendar, cleaned out our binders, and organized our assessment folders. Each table group decided on a table name, wrote their essential agreements, and created a team poster. Finally, we set our goals for 2013 and found new books to read. It was a busy and productive day. We're all looking forward to what the new year will bring.