Monday, October 31, 2011

Wonderful Worms

Today Ms. Jaffe came to our class and taught us about worms.  Ms. Jaffe works at the Waikiki Worm Company.  We got our very own worm bin ready by ripping up cardboard and newspaper.  We brought the worms food like pineapples, salad, banana peels, apple cores, and papaya skin.  We got to observe and compare epigeic worms (worms that don't live underground) and endogeic worms (earthworms). We also learned about the "F.B.I." which stands for fungus, bacteria, and invertebrates.  They are all examples of the decomposers that we will find in our worm bin.  We also learned that the biggest worm lives in Australia and is 12 feet long.  None of the worms are poisonous and they are super harmless.  There are different types of worms in the world. Today was super awesome, our class learned a lot.

Throughout the remainder of the school year, we will be taking care of our worm bin. We need to water it everyday and feed it once a week. The worms like to eat a variety of healthy foods. The don't eat dairy or meats, so we need to be careful about what we feed them. After 6 months, we will have our first harvest. Our harvest will yield two products: more worms and vermicast (worm droppings). This way we can start more worm bins at our school and donate the vermicast to the peace garden. We are all very excited about our new project and can't wait to learn more.


Happy Halloween!

We had a Halloween parade at our school! The whole Keone'ula community was dressed up and it was lots of fun. Some costumes were scary, others were cool, and some people wore the same costumes.  We saw nerds, vampires, scream masks, and Captain America.  Most of our teachers dressed up as referees and football players. It was hot and we were all sweating like crazy.  At the end of the day, we all had fun, we got candy from our classmates, and best of all, we saw everybody's costumes! Happy Halloween!

Waiting for the parade to go by...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Special Guest Reader

Today we had a special visit from the U.S. Navy. Our reader's name was Mr. Anthony from the Munitions Command in Ewa Beach. He came here to read us I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child. We want to thank him for reading us the Principal's Book of the Month.  The book I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato is about a girl named Lola who is very picky when she eats. She will not eat tomatoes, carrots, fish sticks, and cauliflower.

It was fun when Mr. Anthony came and read us this book because he read us the book with expression and a deep voice so we could hear. He pointed to the pictures and explained what they were. Thank you again Mr. Anthony! It was a pleasure to meet you and have you read to us.

Written by: Cory, Madison, Brandon, Jaden, Adrianne, Elijah, and Justus

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excitement about our new blog...

This morning, we all were introduced to our new classroom blog. We were excited to see that one class from Colorado has already found our blog and would like to read more about us. We can't wait to update our blog with news from our class, photos of our learning, and polls for our readers. This year we will learn how to post new information, comment on other blogs appropriately, and use our writing skills to communicate how awesome our class is with the rest of our community. Please feel free to leave comments and vote on our polls. Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hi everyone, welcome to our brand new classroom blog. This year, we plan on learning a lot of new and exciting things. We would love to share what we're learning with everyone! As a class, we will be posting updates about what we're focusing on in class and about all of the fun activities that go on throughout our school year. Check back often!